early 2017 Gigs (Steevio & Suzybee)

Feb 4th : Tag Club (Venice)
Feb 10th : Hope Works (Sheffield)
Feb 25th : Femmmmm (Stockholm)
March 10/11th : Lux (Lisbon)
March 18th : Timedance (Bristol)
March 25th : Soup Kitchen (Manchester)
April 14th : The Pickle Factory (London)
April 22nd : About Blank (Berlin)
May 4th : Batofar (Paris)
May 6th : I-boat (Bordeaux)
May 13th : Lisboa Electronica Festival (Lisbon)
June 10/11th : Nachtdigital @ De School (Amsterdam)
July 7/8/9th : Freerotation (Wales)
Aug 4th : One Tribe Festival (Cheshire)
August 27th : Delete (Cardiff)
Sept 9th : Teulu (Bristol)
Sept 29th: Griessmuehle (Berlin)
Oct 6th : Rye Wax (London)
Oct 13-14th : No Bounds (Sheffield)
Oct 21st : Gare (Porto)

Steevio & Suzybee will not be performing between November 2017 & April 2018